About Us


Family owned and operated since 1993, George Packing Company grew to be the Northwest’s largest, most trusted hazelnut processor. Shaun and Larry George, and their families are filbert and hazelnut growers just like you, and we understand the needs of Northwest filbert growers. We invest continually and work strategically to expand diverse markets and ensure a bright future for all of us.

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The George family has grown hazelnuts in Newberg for more than 40 years, and served local growers and world buyers since opening their first packing plant on the family farm in 1993 as George Packing Company. We work hard for the success of Oregon growers and continue to meet our promise year after year: to deliver the highest returns to growers and the highest quality hazelnuts to global markets.


We built our company on one guiding principle: the profitability of the grower comes first. We founded a company which sees growers as partners who share in the profitability of working together.

This commitment to our partners shows in many ways, big and small. Decades of investment have resulted in the most modern, efficient and ecofriendly processing plants in the industry. This means higher quality, lower processing costs, and a growing demand from the world’s top buyers. George Packing Company has the capacity to serve the region’s growers with a comprehensive network of 22 receiving stations and cutting-edge marketing. We have built a legacy of excellence unparalleled in the region and look forward to carrying on this tradition for generations to come.