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5 Reasons Hazelnuts are About to Become Your New Favorite Nut

(BPT) - People are going nuts for nuts due to their versatility, nutrition content and snackability, but where does the humble hazelnut rank among its nutty friends? If it wasn’t on your radar before, here are five reasons hazelnuts are about to become...

Hazelnuts Improve Older Adults’ Micronutrient Levels

Original post in Eureka Alert Science News

Hazelnuts improve older adults' micronutrient levels

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Older adults who added hazelnuts to their diet for a few months significantly improved their levels of two key micronutrients, new research at Oregon State University indicates.

In the study, 32 people age 55 and older...

8 Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

Original post in Medical News Today
By Lana Burgess.
Reviewed by Katherine Marengo LDN, RD

Hazelnuts make a tasty snack and are a great addition to many dishes. When a person includes them in a balanced, calorie-controlled diet, the nuts also provide several health benefits.

Hazelnuts contain:

  • vitamin E
  • healthful fat
  • protein
  • dietary fiber

In this article, learn how hazelnuts can support...

Hazelnut harvest falls short of expectations

George Plaven
Original post in Capital Press

Oregon hazelnut growers were anticipating a record-high crop in 2018, though it appears the harvest is coming in short of expectations.

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service predicted 52,000 tons of hazelnuts in August, which would have beaten the previous record of 49,500 tons in 2001. Instead, local processors say they...

Hazelnut Harvest

Original post in Corvallis Gazette Times
By Jan Roberts-Dominguez

When considering availability, there's a tendency to put Oregon hazelnuts into the "Year around" category. Which is generally correct, thanks to controlled atmosphere storage, excellent distribution networks, and the nuts' natural keeping qualities. But last fall I was reminded of just how seasonal they truly are when I needed...

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