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  • Disaster Aid Available for Hazelnut, Winegrape GrowersDisaster Aid Available for Hazelnut, Winegrape Growers
    Original post in Capital Pressby George Plaven Heavy snow in February caused damage to mature hazelnut trees at Garry Rodakowski’s farm in Vida, Ore. Congress has approved a federal disaster relief package including $11 million for hazelnut growers whose crops were impacted by winter storms. [Photo credit: Garry Rodakowski] PORTLAND… Read more »
  • White House Is Listening To America’s Hazelnut Farmers
    Original post in CD Media Staff Larry George of Northwest Hazelnut Company sells 50% of American hazelnuts. 99% hazelnuts produced in America come from Oregon. George gave CDMedia a follow-up interview to our last conversation regarding the trade war with one of his biggest customers — China. George has continued to meet… Read more »
  • Oregon Hazelnut Industry Plans for Vigorous Chinese Export Market
    Chinese Consul General Forecasts Rising Demand for Oregon’s Large Inshell Hazelnuts Ambassador Wang addressed more than 200 Oregon hazelnut growers February 25, in Salem, Ore., forecasting growing Chinese demand for in-shell hazelnuts, a holiday favorite among Chinese families. [Photo: Northwest Hazelnut Company] HUBBARD, Ore. (March 2, 2020) – Northwest Hazelnut… Read more »
  • Northwest Hazelnut Presents Gift to Chinese Ambassador for COVID-19 Efforts by Red Cross
    Chinese Ambassador Wang assures Oregon hazelnut farmers of rising Chinese demand HUBBARD, Ore. – At Northwest Hazelnut Company’s annual breakfast and seminar for Oregon Hazelnut farmers in Salem earlier this month, Larry George and Shaun George of Northwest Hazelnut Company presented Chinese Consul General Wang Donghua (Ambassador Wang) with a… Read more »
  • Chinese Diplomat’s Visit a Good Omen for Oregon Hazelnut GrowersChinese Diplomat’s Visit a Good Omen for Oregon Hazelnut Growers
    Original post in Capital Press by Mateusz Perkowski China’s consul general in San Francisco, Wang Donghua, speaks to hazelnut growers on Feb. 25 in Salem, Ore., with Larry George, president of the George Packing Co., in the background. [photo: George Packing Co.] SALEM, Ore. — As U.S. crop sectors jostle… Read more »
  • Hazelnuts Health Benefits: Why Hazelnuts are Good for Health and SkinHazelnuts Health Benefits: Why Hazelnuts are Good for Health and Skin
    Original post in PinkVilla.comBy Deblina Chatterjee  Hazelnuts make for a great snack. But this dry fruit is a potential source for weight loss. Read on to know more. Hazelnuts are packed with Vitamin E, protein, dietary fiber, and healthy fats, which together contribute to our health, skin, and hair. This dry… Read more »
  • Hazelnut Impacts from China Deal MurkyHazelnut Impacts from China Deal Murky
    Original post in Capital PressBy MATEUSZ PERKOWSKI Hazelnuts are harvested in an orchard near Salem, Ore. The specific impacts of a trade deal between the U.S. and China remain unclear for Oregon’s hazelnut industry, though the outlook is positive. Mateusz Perkowski: Capital Press CORVALLIS, Ore. — While Oregon’s hazelnut industry… Read more »
  • Tree Crops Could Be the Staple Food of the Future [listen]
    By ELSPETH HAY A man gathers giant “Bixby” or “McAllister” hican nuts from a truly massive tree – about at 100 ft. tall and wide – in Pennsylvania. (Credit: Max Paschall) Staple crops are the basis of our everyday diets, the foods we eat all year round that it’s hard to… Read more »
  • New Jersey Researchers Making Strides In The Commercial Growth Of HazelnutsNew Jersey Researchers Making Strides In The Commercial Growth Of Hazelnuts
    Head to the grocery store for hazelnuts and chances are you won’t find them. If you do, they’re probably from Turkey, but soon they could be “Jersey fresh” for the very first time. CBSN New York’s Vanessa Murdock reports. Original Post in CBS Local New York EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) —… Read more »
  • Incorporate Oregon’s State Nut Into Your Holiday Spread
    It’s the 30th anniversary of the hazelnut as Oregon’s official state nut, and it makes the perfect addition to your holiday cheese board. KGW-TV‘s Tonight With Cassidy featured food blogger Fabi Donnelly of Not just baked to inspire us with a #hazelnut themed holiday cheese board.#KeepGrowingNorthwestHazelnuts Read more »

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